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Commenting on the publication of the first series of ‘no-deal’ technical notices UK Steel’s Head of Policy, Richard Warren, said:


“The publication of these notices is a welcome move, injecting some much needed realism into preparations and demonstrating that the full range of outcomes are being prepared for, including no deal being arrived at. Importantly, these notices will help steel companies plan and prepare for such an eventuality.


“This first batch of notices confirms the difficulties the steel sector would face if we exited the EU abruptly next year. Every week some 900 trucks and several trains carry steel across the channel, totalling some 2.3 million tonnes last year. Additional customs procedures and delays will quickly stack up costs and impact on business.


“In particular for our sector, more clarity is required around trade remedies. There are a host of issues not dealt with in the paper such as: the transition of the recently introduced EU steel safeguard, the review of the full range of anti-dumping measures being carried over and of course, how the Trade Remedies Authority is going to be adequately staffed, with sufficient expertise, to conduct investigations in just seven months’ time.


“These notices provide some much needed transparency, clarity and advice but it is vital that the remaining notices are published as soon as possible and the gaps are filled in.”

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