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A One-Stop-Shop to help Britain's SMEs to safely navigate international trade and new market opportunities

We all know that International Trade can seem complicated. With so many issues and risks coming from every direction, literally! The OBD®Platform takes your through this journey, explaining and guiding a SME through the any pitfalls that you may need to prepare for. OBD®  has innovative tools and easy language for an SMEs to manage or mitigate the risks they may face as they trade internationally.

As part of the process on offer OBD® produces a Risk Report that helps you, and your board, understand the risks involved in importing or exporting decisions, helping you to make better choices. It’s fully automated so if you are a subscriber all the paperwork will autofill taking the pain out of the process and leaving you free to trade internationally with confidence.

Most of the digitised tools that we offer can be accessed as a Guest or as a Subscriber. We suggest you try them out for yourself and decide what works best for you. You can view the benefits of both options as shown – remember that as a subscriber you’ll benefit from cheaper rates and more tools each month – but sometimes you just want a ‘one-off’ use, and we understand that.

Make UK members can currently gain 3 months free access through their Make UK membership!

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