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The current coronavirus pandemic has caused significant financial difficulties for manufacturers, with over 75% of companies responding to our latest survey having seen sales fall and 20% having seen orders drop by more than half. Notwithstanding the existence of a variety of Government support schemes, including the ability to furlough employees, many employers are having to take the difficult decision to make redundancies. 

We have put toegther a webinar where we will look at the steps involved in a typical redundancy, and consider how they may be affected by the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic

The webinar will;

  • Explore ways you can adapt your normal practices to address the challenges arising from lockdown and social distancing
  • Provide top tips on how to handle potential Covid-19-related redundancy pitfalls in a way that minimises your legal risks and keeps the process on track.

Join our HR experts in our 2 hour live webinar on the 24 June with question time and interactive polls included. Book your place here

Alternatively, you can purchase a 90 minute pre-recorded online version of the webinar produced by our HR expert, Sarah Brett. Purchase here 

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