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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) specialist Relayr has entered into a strategic partnership with MAKE UK,  the Manufacturer's organisation. The partnership will focus on how the implementation of IIoT pay-per-use models can transform the UK manufacturing industry, future-proofing businesses and empowering them to embrace industry 4.0.


Currently UK manufacturing faces the biggest technology driven change in its history, with groundbreaking opportunities to innovate through digitisation. Relayr will give MAKE UK members the opportunity to explore the digital transformation process by collaborating with MAKE UK in a series of conferences, roundtables and workshops focused exclusively on this topic.


Kicking off with the National Manufacturing Conference 2020, as the official sponsor relayr will be joining with MAKE UK in the Small Steps for Big Results workshop. Delegates will hear from industry peers already making significant productivity gains as a result of utilising digital technology, specifically focusing on how IIoT technology has reduced costs and shortened lead times.


Whilst ‘smart factories’ are already using data analytics to optimise operations and increase their overall efficiency, for many established manufacturers the costs involved in funding this initial investment can be prohibitive. IIoT technology has created tailwinds for pay-per-use business models and relayr will demonstrate how its highly innovative models lower the entry hurdle for manufacturers, allowing them to benefit from reduced costs in the long-term, whilst avoiding the issue of purchasing stock that ends up as surplus to requirements.


Throughout the partnership with MAKE UK, Relayr will guide manufacturers through the digital transformation process, imparting invaluable advice as to how businesses can start to take their first steps on the digital journey, smashing the perception that digitisation is something for IT suppliers that cannot be easily understood or implemented.


David Petrikat, Global Marketing Director at Relayr, commented: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to empower MAKE UK members to respond to an ever-changing industry with innovation and confidence. Our business models represent a true ‘win-win’ and help UK manufacturers avoid risky capital outlays. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and we’re excited about all the events coming up this year.”


Relayr will also be sponsoring the MAKE UK regional awards programme taking place at locations across the country, culminating in the MAKE UK National Awards.

MAKE UK Chief Executive, Stephen Phipson CBE remarked: “We’re always looking for ways to champion the cause of UK manufacturing businesses large and small, and we feel that the knowledge exchange we’ve entered into with relayr will be crucial to securing the future of manufacturers across the country as they respond to Industry 4.0.”


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