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We know how much our manufacturers are preparing for a more resilient future, and already embracing the green industrial revolution. Share your best practices and inspire others with your sustainability efforts and net zero commitments. See our collection of members' stories here. Net Zero is in the very broad sense and will include energy, raw materials, water savings and waste reduction (including heat and air), new business models (circular economy), and process improvements, all of which should contribute to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reduction, apart from improving productivity.

We are calling for you to share what you are doing, using our ‘short guide to writing a case study’ with us as soon as possible. Your case study will then: 

  • be displayed on our website (in a special collection here)
  • feature in our communication campaigns- we plan to release a few cases at a time at regular intervals (depending on the number we get) throughout the year, and particularly in the run-up to COP26. 
  • be presented as real-life examples in our workshops 
  • allow you to participate easily in our peer to peer mentoring network (coming soon)

You are invited to provide a few short paragraphs as soon as possible using this simple guide on how to write your case study and to send submit it to Brigitte Amoruso, our Energy and Climate Change Lead, at [email protected].

In addition, should you wish to be involved in the COP26 activities, these include: 

  • be showcased on the official UK Government and United Nations’ SME Climate Hub’ website (SMEs here are defined as companies with ≤ 500 employees). 
  • the chance to be part of a video featuring a selection of case studies with a keynote by Nigel Topping, the UK high-level champion for climate action appointed by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) (registration closed). 
  • an opportunity to participate in the COP26 in November, through our joint events in the official Blue (UK Pavilion) or Green (public) zones, for which we have submitted an expression of interest. We should know very soon whether this has been successful and will want to involve you. 

Please note that the condition for participation in COP26 activities (set by the UK Government and the United Nations) is to make a simple commitment which will put you on your path to net zero. Further information here on this. 

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