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While the vast majority of office-based employees are aware of the health dangers of spending hours seated at their desks, management often fails to respond to their needs. That’s according to a survey carried out earlier this year by the Get Britain Standing campaign.

Sign for the Get Britain Standing campaign, which aims to get office workers moving and exercising more

Here at EEF Venues, we strive to encourage active working. Some of the simple, yet effective steps we recommend to team members include using the stairs instead of a lift, having standing or walking meetings, taking regular breaks from working in front of a computer, plus taking the time when clients are hosting events in one of our three venues to walk around and chat to delegates, in order to glean important feedback.

Last month, we got involved with On Your Feet Britain day by setting team members a target of 30,000 steps combined, during the course of the working day. And we’re delighted to announce that they smashed it.

The ‘On Your Feet Britain’ campaign is now in its third year. We were one of 2,500 UK businesses to enrol and encourage team members to participate in a day of workplace activities that allow them to #sitless and #movemore.

It’s a great way of showcasing the wellness and productivity benefits of sitting less and moving more each and every day. And it’s important that these types of workplace health awareness days are given the support and backing they need.

Back to that survey and shockingly, almost a third of company line managers were reportedly either aware of the health risks of sedentary behaviour but not bothered, or were simply unaware of the issue.

Only 28% of companies were said to be ‘very aware’ of the health risks of prolonged sitting, an encouraging 36% were ‘somewhat aware but keen to know more’, almost 22% were ‘somewhat aware but not that bothered’ and 13% were totally ignorant on the matter.

In contrast, close to 90% of employees believed they ‘absolutely’ or ‘somewhat’ should be more active at the workplace.

It’s true what they say - a healthy body does result in a healthier mind. And with that in mind, I’ve now been sitting here, writing this for too long.

I’m going for a walk around the venue. Care to join me?