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Now we’re very aware that, on the outside, this could potentially open us up to accusations of ‘wackiness’, for instance, these splashes of colour can be found in our ties, handkerchiefs, or even socks in, heck-hem, some cases.

Now, before we go any further, this is a confession, but also a proud announcement, because the reasons behind these aberrations go a lot deeper than a need to show off in front of our staff and our customers. This isn’t a desire to show personality in a place where none exists. In fact, in some cases the colour is either hiding, or at least hiding in plain sight.

So, why are Make Venues leadership getting carried away with colour? Well, first and foremost we all like colour, and have tried our hardest to introduce it into our venues. We’re well aware, that as providers of conference and event facilities, many of our clients like to have a ‘blank canvas’ venue, and where possible like things to be left simple and unencumbered. However, what they don’t object to, and in fact really like about our venues, is that we like to add dashes of colour into everything we do; both physical and metaphorical we like to think.

This is an approach that goes right through our whole business, and the way we go about things. We focus on the job at hand, we’re smart and professional, we deliver the very best product we can, we provide exceptional service; but then we like to add a flourish, call it ‘added value’, a pleasant talking point, and maybe, if you look carefully, a pair of pink socks.

Another reason is because we take what we do incredibly seriously, we’re focused on delivering the best we can, and when it comes to a major event, we need to match the intensity of our customers. All of this can be very draining and, like everyone in the business, be they staff or clients, we need some light relief. We often do this through food, a new flavour of flapjack, new teas and water options, popcorn or a speciality dish for lunch. Maybe even something artistic hanging on our walls. Just something that allows us to look up, take a breather and maybe (just maybe) smile!

Staff at Make Venues are not against this light relief coming in their fashion ‘taste’ or what they wear, in fact, if the same people putting on the pressure are letting if off as well, then that’s just fine with us. It’s not about being wacky, it’s about being loyal to the ethics of our business, and that of our customers.

So, if you do spot a hint of colour on us or around us, just remember that there is wisdom in our actions and method in our madness.

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