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Name: William Harris

Apprenticeship: Technical Development Engineer / Mechanical Engineering

Company: Epson


The area that I enjoy the most is design, specifically using software such as Solid Works. I also enjoyed learning about mechanical and electrical engineering, which I've studied in my apprenticeship. If I was asked where my passion is I would say design. It gives you a challenge of learning how to construct various machines, parts and more – ensuring all measurements received or found are correct. Each time you're responsible for producing a design that is different from the previous, so you have to consider how you will carry out the task in the most efficient way possible. Measurements are vital in design, as wrong sizes will completely invalidate the project.

I chose this career due to my natural interest in practical skills and engineering/development of current technology. Engineering is also one of the most diverse careers; it has always appealed to me, especially with the availability of apprenticeships for those around the ages of 16-20. I would recommend this route to any young person, as it gives you the knowledge you need to kick-start your career and allows you to shadow some of the best engineers with the widest ranges of experience around. Not only this, but whilst you are learning you have the support of the money and often the payment of travel, hotels or education – if necessary. (It is all free as long as you work alongside your company.)