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Assessing your Leadership Styles and Why It Is Important

This course is aimed at leaders who want to improve awareness of their own leadership style. Understand what ‘strengths and weaknesses’ they may have, which leadership style is right for them and the different situations they will face. Know how their attitude can impact their leadership ability and what they need to support their team.

Course dates

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Course content

  • The role of a leader
  • Understand the different leadership styles and approaches
  • Leadership skills
  • Assessing your own leadership style
  • How your attitude drives team behaviour
  • What your team need from you

A psychometric assessment can also be completed prior to this session and exercises to discuss the delegates output built into this session.

By attending this course, delegates will be able to: Understand the ‘pros and cons’ of different leadership styles, learn to use different leadership styles in different situations, understand their own leadership styles and what that means for them and their team, know what skills and attitude they will need to display to become a proficient leader and understand what’s expected of them to support their team.