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Critical Thinking and Decision Making (Half Day)

This course is aimed at individuals or teams that regularly make vital decisions for their department or organisation, be it at the operational or strategic level. Do you struggle to make effective decisions quickly, or know which pathway to take, or struggle to understand the reasons behind some of your decisions, either as a group or individual? Then this course will equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools to make objective decisions based on logic and reason using the best metrics.

Course dates

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Course Content

  • Conscious, unconscious, and intuitive decision making
  • Understanding emotion and its effect on decision making
  • 4 main decision-making types and approaches
    • Decision making tools and techniques, such as:
      • Satisfactory vs Optimal solutions – 80/ solution or gold standard?
      • Forced Paired Comparison – Compare and contrast the pathways for faster decisions
      • Limits and desirables for ‘Go/No Go’ situations
      • Weighted Ranking
      • Dealing with complex decisions, using scoring and ranking
  • Planning, Implementing and controlling the decision
  • Questioning the plan and finding alternative solutions
  • Obstacles to decision making – Individuals and groups
  • Biases and their effect on decision making

By attending this course, delegates will be able to:

Add structure and clarity to the decision making process, employ time and tested decision making tools to make quicker, smarter, reliable and more effective decisions for the right reasons.