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Dignity and diversity in the workplace - Webinar

Our webinar provides an online environment for our training programmes to be delivered at your home or office. You get the same access to our experienced consultants and learn from your peers in an interactive environment that replicates a physical classroom.

This webinar provides delegates with the knowledge and skill to manage Equality and Diversity in the workplace. We explore what ‘dignity’ is, give an overview of the Equality Act 2010 and its protected characteristics, plus explore the types of discrimination such as harassment, victimisation, bullying and disability and the roles of unconscious bias in the workplace.

Course Content

This two-hour bitesize course covers:

Welcome, Introductions and overview content and objectives

Module 1

Part 1 – What is meant by ‘dignity’
Part 2 – The Equality Act with Discrimination Quiz and answers, Protected Characteristics
Part 3 - Types of discrimination/how discrimination occurs

Module 2

Harassment, victimisation and bullying

Module 3


Unconscious bias and liability

By attending this course, delegates will: 

  • Have an understanding of what is meant by Equality, Diversity and Dignity.
  • Know how the law impacts on Equality and Diversity.
  • Understand the types of discrimination and how it occurs
  • Know how to promote best practice within the organisation


To join our webinar, you’ll need:

  • Chrome or Firefox
  • An internet connection
  • An internal or external microphone, and preferably a webcam and headset


No assessment.