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EEF webinar 1: YOU - Achieving career progression success


This webinar is part 1 of a series that has been designed to look at three key areas of developing effective skills for growth. Whether you’re looking to progress your own career and want advice on successful development, or you’re looking to develop the right skills in your organisation for greater productivity, our webinars will provide some key tips, tactics and advice to develop you and your talent.

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Webinar 1: 29th June

11am – 11:40am - 45 mins

This webinar is to help those wanting to move forward in their career and explore ways to embed the skills that will elevate their credibility, build personal brand and showcase their abilities to senior peers in the business. We will explore:

  • Tactics for progressing your career
  • Promoting and showcasing your abilities
  • Building a successful  personal brand profile
  • Effectively networking with peers and senior teams
  • How to advance your career with accredited leadership programmes