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Employee Wellbeing

Aimed at line managers and supervisors, this course will give delegates the necessary tools to support the wellbeing of their staff in the workplace. Managers attending this course will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of prioritising and supporting their employees' overall health and happiness. They will learn how to create a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Managers will acquire skills to recognise and address signs of stress and burnout in their team members, leading to increased morale and retention rates.  Investing in employee well-being not only enhances organisational performance but also demonstrates a commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive workplace culture.

Course Content

  •  Highlighting the Manager’s key role in supporting employee wellbeing
  • Understanding the importance of regular communication with staff through regular planned one to ones
  •  The role of Return-to-Work interviews in helping to identify staff who may need support
  •  How to handle difficult conversations
  • Hints, tips and general guidance on improving employee wellbeing through action planning