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How to Calculate Absence and Why it is Important (for HR)

This course is aimed at HR directors, HR managers, HR business partners and HR admin staff, and anyone else who is interested in beginning to undertake this type of activity, to reduce employee absence and associated costs, with all the competitive advantage and improved profitability which that tends to bring.

Other consultants make data analysis sound scary, complicated and expensive, and offer their ongoing support. This course aims to reduce the fear factor, and show you simpler, inexpensive ways of making a start in this area. Many businesses do this almost entirely without consultancy support, but if you do want to pursue potential data analytics consultancy partners, this course will help you to play a better initial role in that partnership-building activity.

Course content 

  • Why absence matters
  • Why measure absence
  • How to measure absence
  • Collating your data – good practice, pitfalls to avoid
  • Governing your data – why it matters, how to approach it
  • Analysing your data – common insights to draw out,
  • Benchmarking your data
    • Using published reports, to understand norms,
    • Assessing how your organisation compares
  • Visualising your data, so it resonates
  • Quality checking your products
  • Tackling challenges
  • Improving attendance

By completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why absence matters, why and how measure absence
  • Use good practice, and avoid common pitfalls when collating your data –
  • Govern your data – explain why it matters, and how to approach it
  • Analyse your data – describe some common insights to draw out,
  • Benchmark your data o Use published reports, to understand norms,
    • Assess how your organisation compares
  • Visualise your data, so it resonates
  • Quality check your products
  • Tackle the inevitable challenges
  • Improve attendance