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Managing Capability Absence Cases in the Workplace

This course is aimed at HR directors, HR managers, HR business partners and HR admin staff, and anyone else who is interested in undertaking this type of activity, to reduce employee absence and associated costs, with all the competitive advantage and improved profitability which that tends to bring. It is suitable for both novices and experienced staff who perhaps want to brush up their techniques

It shows delegates how to minimise the costs of both long-term and short-term absence, by conducting effective return to work interviews, leveraging the power of medical reports, and keeping the right documentation. It also shows delegates how to dismiss employees fairly due to medical incapability.

Course content 

Roles and responsibilities of the line manager when managing attendance, absence and medical capability

  1. Absence facts, data and costs
  2. Different types of absence – planned and unplanned
  3. Managing short term absence o return to work, use of OH, short and long term sick
  4. Managing long term absence o Company responses / support
    • Actions / OH / HR / Home visits
    • Recovery and return to work (reasonable adjustments)
  5. Medical capability dismissal - the process, reasonable adjustments, termination

By completing this course, delegates will be clear about:

  • The costs of absence
  • How to manage both short and long-term absences
  • The Return-to-Work interview
  • The importance of medical reports and making them effective
  • The importance of examples and documentation