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Managing Effective Cultural Transformation (1 day)

This course is aimed at managers and leaders tasked with instilling or supporting cultural transformation. Enable your individuals and organisation to adapt to new challenges and opportunities and ensure that your business remains relevant and successful.

Course Content

  • Understand how to define the problems within your organisation
  • How to assess the current culture and identify areas for improvement
  • Developing a plan for implementing change, timelines and objectives
  • Effectively communicate the plan to all stakeholders and ensure buy-in
  • How to encourage employees to embrace the new culture
  • The power of ‘reward’ during the change process
  • Monitor progress and measure success of cultural change
  • Understand the challenges of implementing cultural change

By attending this course, delegates will be able to:

Highlight ‘root causes’ of issues within the business and plan effective change from within in a way that keeps the work force informed, rewarded and ‘on side’ throughout the journey. Avoid common cultural change pitfalls and monitor progress, to ensure the value of change is measured effectively.