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Personal Resilience and Mindfulness Training

This workshop will provide delegates with a knowledge and understanding of how their mind works, which enables them to have more control over their emotional state and the levels of stress they experience both at home and at work.

  • Course Content
  • Session 1:

    • What is stress and resilience 
    • Physiology of stress
    • Positive stress and performance
    • Creating a resilient mindset by understanding thought
    • Spotting the signs of stress
    • Understanding anxiety, depression and burn out
    • Identifying your stressors and what to do about them
    • Time Management techniques to reduce stress


    Session 2:

    • Tips to improve sleep
    • Eating to improve mental resilience
    • Stress reduction techniques
    • The role the mind plays in relation to stress
    • Introduction to mindfulness techniques
    • Deep relaxation exercise for ‘switching off’
    • Creating your own stress management action plan

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Assessment
  • No assessment but delegates receive a certificate of attendance and a MP3 Download to use which has shown a positive effect upon mood, sleep and general wellbeing.
  • More details
  • Career progression:

    By completing this course, delegates will have:

    • An understanding of what resilience is and how they can increase it
    • An insight into how their mind works in relation to the stress levels they experience 
    • Knowledge to make changes in their life, their thoughts, diet and routine to have a positive impact upon their personal resilience and levels of stress experienced
    • Ability to spot signs of stress, anxiety and depression in themselves and others
    • Skills to support positive mental wellbeing