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I’ve worked at Make UK for 24 years & for most of that time have been focused on delivering professional Health & Safety Qualifications. It’s fair to say that 2020 has been the most challenging period for me &, I think for us all so far.

So, I wanted to take a minute & talk about where our NEBOSH training programmes are at the moment & hopefully offer some guidance to our past, current & future students.

Make UK have been supporting learners to achieve their health, safety and environmental training aspirations for decades, after all we all NEBOSH Centre 001 & have a Gold rating with the National Examining Board for Occupational Safety & Health. We consistently achieve very high pass rates (59% first time passes on the NEBOSH Diploma in 2019). Recently, we have adapted, tailored and focused our training programmes in order to meet those aspirations and will continue to do so for the benefit of our students, their employers and society. 

During these challenging times, employers, training providers and learners are focused on securing the best possible learning outcomes whilst ensuring that all individuals stay safe at all times & we think we are leading the way.

Different modes of study

Varying modes of study are available for our range of HSS courses including E-learning, distance learning, virtual classroom and face-to-face options. Courses and programmes can be structured in different ways, including self-paced modular approaches through to day or block release, together with a number of assessment methods including electronically submitted open book examinations. NEBOSH have recently announced that students will be able to sit the NGC1 exam in an electronic open book format, designed to take approximately four hours, to be completed within a 24 hour period.

However, we have listened to our students & members & overwhelmingly they are tell us that they want to study high-level professional qualifications like the NEBOSH Certificate & Diploma in a safe, face to face environment. We are now able to provide this at our flagship training venue, Woodland Grange.

Face to face training is back

Face-to face training allows us to get the highly technical content of these courses across to our students & also enables networking opportunities within the professional community.  A pre-determined venue, date and time for the training is arranged with all in attendance, either at Woodland Grange or on a client’s premises. By ensuring a dedicated learning facility, attendees are in a comfortable, spacious environment, free from work and colleague interruptions. This in turn usually enables the learner to focus their attention to the course content and its objectives. The trainer will be at ease with the facility, thus ensuring that technical issues, if any, are of little effect to the event. The trainer can engage effectively with the learners though various activities, individually and as part of a group, ensuring the involvement of all. Which often leads to an enhanced interaction with students, involving discussions surrounding work related scenarios and sharing experiences, these discussions often continue outside the classroom environment. 

Face-to-face training promotes a natural flow of communication which is essential for the tutor to ensure the learners understanding and interpretation of the course content and in turn allows the tutor to adjust the training to suit the needs of the specific group. Through group participation there tends to be a greater enhancement of outputs to syndicate type work, giving learners the opportunity to develop and practice leadership and presenting skills. 

In our experience, students and learners often discuss a plan for their individual professional development with each other and the tutor. Relationships are formed which may provide a professional benefit over the learner’s career. 

The way forward & planning your study

Make UK intends to re-open its flagship training venue, Woodland Grange, on the 4h July 2020 for training, education and business meetings, including any associated overnight stays. We look forward to welcoming clients back to our venues at the earliest opportunity. 

Because things have changed at NEBOSH recently, I also thought it would be useful to provide some advice on the different options students have.

  1. If you are a previous Certificate student that needs to sit or re-sit your certificate exam, you can do that with us, even if you studied elsewhere. Our first exam sitting will be the 11th of September & you can even attend the revision session just before the exam.
  2. Our next Certificate starts on the 7th of September, face to face at Woodland Grange.
  3. If you’ve completed the Certificate & are looking to start the Diploma, Unit A starts at Woodland Grange on the 10th of August.
  4. If you need to sit or re-sit a Diploma exam, then we have revision dates scheduled in September for the 1st (Unit A) 2nd (Unit B) & the 3rd (Unit C)

For more information on our Certificate click here
For more information on our Diploma click here

How to gain a globally recognised qualification in lockdown

If you are still unsure what your next steps are please refer to our FAQ section below:

Q. I’ve heard that the NEBOSH Certificate exam is now in an Open Book format, is that true?

NEBOSH have outlined options that mean you don’t need to sit a traditional exam or risk an exam hall and our September sitting will be delivered in this way! NEBOSH have produced guidance which will help answer any questions you may have around the new assessment format. 

NEBOSH open book examination learner guide – click here

Q. What qualification should I take?

Here at Make UK we offer a range of accredited programmes from IOSH to our very own University of Portsmouth Advanced Diploma. But let us focus on arguably the world’s most recognisable health and safety qualification – NEBOSH. 

NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications but for most people it will be the NEBOSH General Certificate or the NEBOSH Diploma.

The Certificate is designed a first step for health and safety professionals or as a robust management level qualification for managers of risk, people or processes. 

The Diploma is designed to equip people with the competence for a career in health and safety either as a health and safety consultant or manager. 

Find out more or enrol here:
NEBOSH General Certificate (Level 3)
NEBOSH Diploma (Level 6)

Q. I have already started my studies what options do I have to complete?

If you have not taken an exam yet then the most important thing is to check you are ready. NEBOSH make their syllabuses publically available and are free to download. 
NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus – click here

NEBOSH Diploma syllabus – click here

Top tip – read through the syllabus content and check off what you know. Anything you are unsure of refer to your course workbook if you have one and then check it off. Once you have checked all the content and you are happy that you ‘know it all’ - get in touch and we will register you for your assessments.

Q. I have passed some of the assessments but not all. What are my options?

5 years is an important factor. Diploma students have a 5 year enrolment where you can study and register for each of the four Units A, B, C and D. If you are close to this 5 year period please contact us so we can ensure you complete your studies. For Certificate students who have successfully passed one or more units you have 5 years from that date on your first results letter. For example, if your results letter is dated 01.03.2017. Then you have 5 years from this date to complete the other units. 

Don’t let that hard work go to waste!

Q. Has the syllabus been updated?

The NEBOSH General Certificate has been updated and the current version was launched in September 2019. Like many providers, we aren’t running old syllabus courses anymore, but, if you’ve previously studies this syllabus, you can still sit the exam up until the 31st March, 2022. We ran our first October 2018 syllabus course in February this year & the next one is scheduled for September.

The current Syllabus for the Diploma is the 2015 specification therefore no change although as part of continual improvement and regulatory requirements the Diploma is due to be revised soon. Watch this space for further updates.

Here at Make UK we are happy to help, support and impart the knowledge you need to be successful. Please get in touch if you have any questions or are keen to begin your studies. 

0808 168 5874




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