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Britain’s manufacturers and their European industry counterparts call for the UK Government and European Commission to return to the negotiating table and find the way through to a deal

“While UK manufacturing is slowly recovering from the ongoing COVID crisis, essential to that recovery is the seamless operation of supply chains and the modern marvel of just-in-time logistics.

A no-deal scenario with our most critical trading partner, the EU, would be disastrous for manufacturing and for the millions more employed in supporting industries both here in the UK and across the EU.

“The impacts would go far beyond disruptions in trade at the border. Families and communities would be left hanging in the balance, affecting real people who need the well-paid jobs that manufacturing provides alongside its contribution of almost half of Britain’s global exports.

“Manufacturing and engineering companies employ 2.7million in every constituency up and down the UK and many millions more across the whole of Europe. Their products power our loves - the cars we drive, the technology behind our schools and hospitals, even the meals we consume. Britain is a leading exporter of innovation, product and technical skills which are playing a critical part in boosting efforts to lead our economic recovery and the same can be said for many of the great manufacturing nations across Europe.

The Covid crisis has had an incredibly damaging impact across the UK and Europe. As a consequence it has been impossible to fully prepare for the changes that are coming in January. Should we face the challenge of an acrimonious exit without a deal, businesses in the UK and Europe are united in the view that they are not and cannot be ready for the disruption that we face.


  1. Get back to the negotiating table
  2. Ensure that we avoid the disaster of an exit without a deal
  3. Work to ensure that we achieve the best deal possible avoiding tariffs, simplifying rules of origin and minimising red tape and bureaucracy at the border


Signatories below

Stephen Phipson CBE, CEO Make UK

Oliver Zander, Chairman, Ceemet

Paul Sheerin, CEO Scottish Engineering

Stephen Kelly, CEO Manufacturing NI

Peter Bloch, Director EEF NI

Peter Davies, Chief Executive, James Lister

Rowan Crozier, CEO, Brandauer

Matthias Meyer, Managing Director, Heller Machine Tools

John Taylor, Chief Executive, SG Technologies

Helen Doughty, Director, SHD Composite Materials

George Wright, Managing Director, M Wright & Sons Ltd

Fiona Ellis-Winkfield, Managing Director, Gordon Winkfield

Andrea Wilson, Director, Hone-all

Austen Adams, Director, Avingtrans & Chair of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Business Board

Raymond Oliver, Managing Director, Sone Products

David Mitchell, Managing Director, Katmex Ltd

Leanne Holmes, Managing Director, Crane Payment Innovations

Peter Morris, Vice President, Finance & Global Supply Chain, Transcontinental Advanced Coatings

Barry Leahey, Managing Director, Playdale Playgrounds

Adrian May, Commercial Manager, Presspart Manufacturing Ltd

Mark Lord, Managing Director, Aztec Oils

Robert Pickersgill, Managing Director, W Hallam Castings

James Tear, Managing Director, Thessco Ltd

Brian Reece, CEO & Managing Director, Sheffield Precision Medical

James Greenham, Managing Director, EMS Physio

Tom McMurtrie, Managing Director, Hymid Multi Shot Ltd

Vanda Jones, Executive Director, British Compressed Air Society

Sue Halliwell, Operations Manager, Composites UK

Peter Hunt, COO, Lighting Industry Association

Steve Brambley, Chief Executive, GAMBICA

Nick Mellor, Managing Director, LEIA

Geraldine Bolton, Chief Executive, Confederation of British Metalforming

David Harrison, Chief Operating Officer, PPMA, BARA & UKIVA

Julia Moore, Chief Executive, GTMA

Charles Byrne, Technical Director, Graham Hart Process Technology

Dr Andrew Mair, Chief Executive, Midlands Aerospace Alliance

Tom Bowtell, CEO, British Coatings Federation

Robert Fell, Director and Chief Executive, Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association

Steve Schofield, Director & Chief Executive, British Pump Manufacturers Association

Martin Maley, Director General, NASS

André González De Savage, Chief Executive, British Enterprise Partnership

Diana Taylor, Managing Director, Marketing Humber

Keith Warren, Chief Executive, Foodservice Equipment Association

Alan Murray, CEO, British Safety Industry Federation

James Selka, CEO, MTA

Philip Law, Director General, BPF

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive, CEA

Richard Fallon, CEO, The Technology Supply Chain

Andrew Churchill, Director, JJ Churchill

Mike Hague Morgan, Co-Owner & Commercial Director, Autocraft Drivetrain

Stuart Johnson, Director, Rutland Plastics

Len Palmer, Managing Director, Lander Automotive Ltd.

Simon Beech, COO, Naysmyth Group

Chris Perry, Managing Director, Timberwolf

Darren Joint, Managing Director, Viking Signs

Tony Greig, CEO, Legrand Electric

Richard Herbert, Executive Chairman, Herbert Group

Almero Barnard, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Jellagen Marine Biotechnologies 

David O’Hare, Managing Director, Clwyd Compounders 

Gavin Peters, CEO-UK, Tri-Wall UK 

Mike Evans, Managing Director, EBS Automation Ltd 

Neil Gregory, Director, G.O.S. Tool & Engineering Services Ltd 

Paul Crutcher, Operations Director, Bisley 

Paul Evans, Head of Finance & IT, Team Precision Pipe Assemblies 

Peter Lewis, Managing Director, Industrial Automation and Control Ltd 

Robert Munro, Operations Director, Denis Ferranti Group 

Stephen Jones, Managing Director, Altron Communications Equipment Ltd

Stephen Morris, Joint Managing Director, John Liscombe Ltd 

Vanda Jones, Executive Director, British Compressed Air Society

Paul J. Edwards, Managing Director, Fenner Precision Polymers UK / James Dawson & Fenner Precision

Cyril Journoux, Managing Director, PCL Ceramics Limited 

Wayne Baldwin, Managing Director, Precision Moulded Products (PMP Essex)

John Harley, Director Business Development, OSI Electronics UK

Gareth Kaminski-Cook, CEO, Autins Group Plc

Sam Handley, Director, Swiftool Precision Engineering (SPE) Ltd

Stuart Handley, Managing Director, Swiftool Precision Engineering (SPE) Ltd

Melanie Archbould, Managing Director, Palamatic Ltd

Mark Adams, Managing Director, Vitsœ Ltd

Pim van Baarsen, CEO, Silverstone Technology Cluster

Paul Ward, Managing Director, Machine Technology Group (MTG)

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