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Which Health & Safety Qualification is Right for you?

Whether you are just starting off in a Health & Safety role, are a seasoned professional or just someone who thinks they’d like to get into Health & Safety, this is the age old question.

The truth is, it’s not really that difficult to answer, so sit back and let us help with this quick guide.

1. What qualification do I need?

As we all know it is a legal requirement for all UK organisations of any size to obtain “competent” Health & Safety advice from somewhere. This can of course be from a suitably competent member of staff or an external provider.

But what qualification do they need to be competent? Well, very simply, it’s about organisational size & risk level. The bigger you are &/or the more hazards there are to control, the more competent you need to be. Something like the table below might be helpful:


NEBOSH Certificate  IOSH Managing Safely   NEBOSH Diploma                                                                                        

2. How can I access the course?

At Make UK, we’ve learnt over our long history of providing top quality training that every learner is different & we therefore we need to offer a range of options that support every one.


These courses are run in blocks from our centrally-located, state of the art training centre, Woodland Grange. Woodland Grange is a residential conference venue and hotel, set in 16 acres of beautiful gardens in Leamington Spa.

Your course would be delivered by one of our expert tutors face to face. Class size numbers allow us to interact with each student and also the whole group. This method allows you to get away from the distractions of the workplace, learn from your peers and focus on your qualification.

During your attendance at classes, you are free to enjoy all the features that Woodland Grange has to offer.

Virtual Classroom

We appreciate that not everyone can or wants to be away from home or work for extended periods and so we’ve adapted our face to face course to be delivered virtually. We provide an interactive online environment that replicates a physical classroom for our training programmes to be delivered at your home or office.

We use our Moodle-based Learner Management System to provide a rich & varied learning experience making use of the very latest technology to improve your learning experience. Virtual classes are delivered via the easy to use Microsoft Teams interface.


If you prefer to learn at your own pace, pick up and put down the course as you see fit, then maybe our Online delivery is for you. This is not just elearning, depending on the course it’s a carefully thought through mixture of directed study, assessed exercises and game-based activities.

OnlinePlus +

If one of these methods still doesn’t sound right for you, then try OnlinePlus+. This is a true mixture of the best bits and provides every learner with a unique blend of self-learning and tutor lead sessions.

3. Which sort of Learner am I?

This question can only be answered by you of course, but here’s some thoughts to get you started.

“I feel like my qualifications aren’t at the right level for my current role & I need to take action quickly”

It sounds like either face to face or virtual classroom is best for you. Our Managing Safely & NEBOSH Certificate courses run every month of the year. This route requires more of your time, but it is the quickest route to qualification.

“Great, I need my qualification quickly, but I can’t be away from work or home for week-log blocks”

No problem, our Virtual courses could be for you. You still need to attend scheduled classes, but the days are much shorter and the out of class work can be done at your pace. There’s also no need to travel. You can attend from anywhere, even your kitchen table.

“I’m not in a rush at all, this is part of my long-term development. I want to be able to pick it up & put it down depending what else is going on in my life.

OK, so either Online or OnlinePlus+ is the way to go. You have access for 6, 12 or 24 months depending on the course.

“Sounds OK, but, to be honest, I’m going to struggle to motivate myself without a gentle push every now & again.”

I think we’ve found the right course for you. Our OnlinePlus+ courses all have scheduled live sessions that we will invite you to encourage you to attend. These session not only provide interaction with your expert tutor, but with other students as well.

If you want to find out more, speak to one of our helpful team:

0808 168 5874 / [email protected]

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