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Our team of experts is dedicated to preparing UK manufacturers for Brexit. Make UK wants to help manufacturers make the transition to a post-brexit Britain by informing them of the possible outcomes of Brexit and how to prepare their businesses.

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How to prepare for Brexit

Find out what you should be doing in order to prepare your business for Brexit.


No Deal

Make UK's emergency checklist for businesses in case of a no deal Brexit.


Brexit Briefings & Technical notices

Read our latest Brexit Briefings and technical notices.


Brexit Toolkit

Sign-up for our exclusive Brexit Trade and Migration Toolkit.

Listen to our podcast

Listen to our new podcast series Made: In Britain where Business reporter Jonty Bloom explores all that manufacturers need to know to navigate the Brexit maze, how to futureproof your workforce and how to make the most of Britain’s export opportunities around the globe.

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Read our frequently asked questions on the impact of Brexit on the workforce and how you can prepare your business. 

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