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Employee Wellbeing after Covid-19 - Virtual classroom

This interactive workshop gives HR managers, team leaders and managers the ability to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing as they return to the workplace.  

The workshop gives delegates the confidence to have conversations about mental health through understanding:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on employee mental health, wellbeing and the psychological impact of returning to work
  • the role of HR and people managers to supporting employee wellbeing

Course Content

 Participants explore and learn:

Return to work general issues 

The key return to work safely areas, principles of a good return and how to create the right framework and focus. 

The psychological impact of returning to work post Covid-19

The mental health/wellbeing climate pre and post Covid-19 and the lockdown impact on mental health. The importance and components of wellbeing strategies and where their organisation is on the wellbeing spectrum. 

Overview of mental health and wellbeing

The key indicators of poor mental health/wellbeing, the importance of early intervention and how to have the appropriate conversation. Stress at work, the possible Covid-19 implications, the employer’s legal responsibilities and those as people managers.

How to manage the employees return to work

How to manage the return to work, prompts to aid conversations, how to respond to disclosures and complete our WPA template to develop a plan for supporting employees’ wellbeing/mental health.

Pre- requisites

Course is suitable for all levels – HR and People Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders